What is the Adventurers guild, you ask?

Well the Guild is a magical, helpful place. Made way back in the days of old, by a very powerful wizard. This wizard believed in giving and helping to all of the common folk; that’s right all of you lords and ladies out there.

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The wizard knew about the quests and adventures you are about set out on this fine day. As a member of the guild, from time to time, the wizard will give you special in store discounts and free prizes; like snacks and adventuring supplies etc.

Also the wizard may have a free gift for you on your birthday, if you find yourself in the store on that day. But you will need to let us know it’s your birthday so we can give you your gift. We’re good at magic, but not so good at mind reading.

Now for the magical part… The wizard cast an enchantment spell on this store long ago. A powerful spell that makes special magical coins appear from the store’s “Bag of holding” for all who shop in the store. The coins in this “Bag of holding” are called store Loyalty Points. So when you spend some of your cash in the store, a few of the magical store Loyalty Points are set aside for you. Then later you can use your store Loyalty Points to buy snacks or supplies from the store whenever you want to use them. Your Loyalty Points do not expire, but do need to sign up for the FREE Adventurers Guild to use your Loyalty Point.

Ask the shop keeper about signing up for the FREE Adventurers Guild to start getting your discounts, prizes, and FREE Magical store Loyalty Points today!