Our Mission

Artemis Games and More, Is working hard to make your gaming experience the best in town. To our customers, our friends, and our fellow gamers, we offer the following:

SERVICE – Top customer service is our goal. We will work to take care of our customer’s needs as quickly as possible. Please let us know what we can do to make your gaming experience the best it can be.

SELECTION – We carry the newest games and collectibles, both in stock and special order. If you don't see the game you're looking for in our store, we can special order it for you.

HOSPITALITY – Everyone is welcome to shop and play in our friendly and safe environment. All customer over 16 years of ages are welcome (for their safety players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.)

NICE PLACE TO PLAY – With our free gaming areas, and a clean and bright store, everyone will have fun. Helping you with all of your gaming needs and other gaming activities. We encourage attitudes that foster a feeling of fellowship and welcoming to all players, new and experienced.


To help create an environment that is friendly, safe, and relaxing for all our customers; our goal is to have a nice easy going place to shop and play.

We have the following code of conduct:

PROFANITY: Please be considerate of others, especially children, when choosing just the right words in your games. Please refrain from foul comments that may be heard throughout the store.

SMOKING & VAPING: Smoking or vaping are NOT allowed inside our store, play areas, or the store grounds.

CHILDREN: Children under 16 years of age must be closely supervised by an adult at all times. If your child is being disruptive - crying, screaming, throwing a tantrum, etc. - Please take them outside, so the other customers can enjoy their time playing at the store.

PERSONAL HYGIENE: Visitors are expected to practice good personal grooming and hygiene; to not have offensive body odor, and to use footwear at all times. Please cover your underwear, butt cracks, excessive cleavage, etc. We are a family friendly play area.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Please, no outside food or beverages. Do not leave garbage, crumbs, etc. behind on tables. Visitors are expected to leave a clean playing area for the next person. Please keep in mind that other people will be playing in the same space, you just finished using.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Please do not touch other people’s property without their permission. Be sure to take reasonable steps to safeguard your own property while in the store. We are not responsible for anything that happens to your things.

STORE PROPERTY: Treat all store property with respect. Please put borrowed store-use items back neatly where you found them. If you don't know where thing go, ask the shopkeeper for help. Do not use glue, knives, paint, etc. on our tables or table mats without adequate protection. The tables and table mats are for everyone to use. Clean up after yourself.

ALCOHOL AND / OR DRUG USE: Please be considerate of others, especially the children. We are a family friendly store. Drunkenness and / or drug use is NOT welcome in or around our store. If you plan to drink or use drugs that’s your business, just keep it away from of our store. For the safety of all our customers, we will ask you to leave if you look drunk, high, are acting drunk, high, or impaired in any way.

BEHAVIOR: If your behavior is disrupting to the other visitor's enjoyment of the store or play space areas, you will be asked to leave.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Public Transit:

There are two bus routes that pass the store several times each day on San Mateo Blvd. Average wait time to be about 15 to 30 minutes or so. The bus stop is less than 500 feet from the store. The two bus routes to look for are:

Route 140 – San Mateo Blvd. (North - South)
Route 141 – San Mateo Blvd. (North - South)