Artemis Games and More

Welcome to the Artemis Games and More web site. Here you will find information on upcoming store events, special sales, contest and much more. We are the newest table top game store in Albuquerque New Mexico, and with your help, we’ll be the best game store in Albuquerque for all of your gaming needs.

We open at noon most everyday of the week, except most Mondays and Tuesdays, because these two days are is so slow and boring! If we are open on a Monday or Tuesday, it's because we’re here doing the not so fun stuff like stocking the store, deep cleaning the store, etc. That not to say - if we are here, we wouldn't be Happy to see you and chat things up, make the day of it and all. But most likely we’ll be off doing other stuff on Mondays or Tuesdays in which case the store will be closed that day.

But as I was saying we’ll be open at Noon to Midnight most everyday people are playing games in our FREE game play area. Yes we’ll be open late, unless no one comes in to play. In this case we’ll most likely close around 8PM. But I think we’ll have a lot of you playing games here every night and we’ll enjoy the adventurers!

Like I was saying we have FREE play space for the games we all like to play, like Dungeons and Dragons. Magic the gathering, Warhammer, Chess, even Monopoly and more. We also will have a free game library for all of the Gamers who would like to test, before they buy a copy to take home. And yes we may not have the game you're are looking for in the shop at this moment in time and space. But we can special order your new game. As well as we are happy to pre-order your next game if it is not out quite yet.

All of your store purchases are eligible to earn Loyalty Points, that kinda work like cash. The Loyalty Point can be redeemed in multiples of 25 cents each (25 loyalty points = 25 cents). So for every dollar you spend in the store We'll set aside 10 cents in loyalty points for you to use later. Sign up for our FREE Adventurers Guild to earn store Loyalty Points today.

We are a laid back fun store. Happy to help! Ready to play. So please let me know how we can help you with all of your gaming needs.

The Games People Play

We are focused on any and all table top games, from Dungeons and Dragons to a good game of Chess. We are happy to help. We’ll do our best to make your gaming experience the best. As such we have a lot of new games, and all the little things you need like: dice, pencils, lined paper, etc.

Come play with us!

Lady Bug on a Leaf
Looking for people to host new games

Here at Artemis Games and More, from time to time we have people that are new to the games that all we play and love. So to make it easier to include the new players, we’ll have some little signs you can use to invite new players to join in on your game. Thanks in advance for including the new players to your games.

We need you

All happy places, need happy people, and we are no different. So we need you, all of you to come and play and have some fun. We are calling out all of the Story tellers, Gamers, Players, and Dreamers, EVERYONE! We know who you are and your ticket to fun is here and waiting for you and your friends…

The Adventure is now!